Structural Steel in Boise, Idaho

Here at Weld Pro Inc., we use structural steel to build firm foundations and architectural development for buildings in Boise, Idaho. Our expertise in overall metal works and years of experience allow us to build commercial foundations, steel fencing, industrial balconies and residential decking. We can build steel storage units, industrial buildings and security fencing, residential developments, and commercial buildings. Our experienced engineers use Computer Aided Design software (CAD) to create a digital layout of the building in progress; this allows us to accurately map out every angle and square inch of the building for efficiency and proper production. We take the time to analyze every aspect of construction and look for possible deficiencies or malfunctions to assure each building is safe and up to code.

In addition to commercial foundation, we can design and build steel railings, wrap around stairs and banisters, patio railings, steel fencing, steel awnings, metal beams and more. Call us today at 208-323-9353 for a free consultation. To see pictures of our previous work, visit our Gallery or visit us at 9222 W. Franklin Road Boise.

  • Commercial Foundations
  • Balcony/Patio Railings
  • Security Fencing
  • Commercial Development
  • Storage Units
  • Steel Stairs & Banisters
  • Metal Awnings
  • Metal Beams
  • And More!